39 Clues

Cahills vs Vespers bk 4

Roland Smith

Scholastic US

9780545298421ISBN : 9780545298421

RRP : $17.99

Age : 8-12 years

Key Words : Action, Crime, Adventure, Family 39 Clues

Published : 04 Sept 2012

Reviewer : Kylie Calwell

Amy, Dan, Atticus and Jake are still jet-setting around the world at the beck and call of Vesper one. This time he is sending them after one of the worlds biggest diamonds – the Golden Jubilee. Jonah and Hamilton are pursuing their own leads. All have to be careful of every step and who is following them. Everything these youngsters do, every rule they break is in order to save their family members. Things are getting trickier as they find themselves on Interpol’s Most Wanted List. The family members who are being held hostage have not given up hope, they still plan for escape, maybe this time they will find their chance.

This next instalment of the series keeps up the pace of previous books, the conflict is pretty much what you would expect. It is nice to spend some time following Jonah and Hamilton and the thing that happens to them gives some depth and change to their characters. The problem is that it is starting to feel a bit same old same old, I really want something to change, something to actually go the kid’s way. It isn’t till the end that things begin to grab at your attention, this is when things start to change up a little. The ending though does pull you back in and leaves you with the desire to find out what happens next.

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