Apollo The Powerful Owl

Gordon Winch

Stephen Pym

New Frontier Publishing


RRP: $24.95 (Hard Cover)

Publication Date: October 2012

ISBN: 9781921928284

Age: 4 – 6 Years

Reviewer: Cassandra Griffin


Apollo The powerful owl is a delightful children’s book. Apollo no longer wishes to eat meat, so he journeys to find out what other animals eat and to try some new food. Apollo learns that a new diet makes him ill and not very strong. Will Wilfred the Wise Old Owl give Apollo the right advice?

Apollo the Powerful Owl is a story filled with facts about the Australian species Powerful Owl which is near extinct. This story gives children a glimpse into this beautiful bird’s habitat and habits.

Young readers will also visit a range of Australian native animals in this story. As well as have some facts about the Powerful Owl in the conclusion of the book.

With gorgeous illustrations and a lovely story, Apollo the Powerful Owl will entertain and teach children of all ages.

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