Not Bog Standard (and other peculiar stories)

by Mark Pardoe

(Omnibus books) Scholastic


ISBN 978-1-86291-863-4

RRP: $15.99

Age: 10+

Published: March 2012

Review by Rachel Mason

Not Bog Standard is a compilation of short stories, each one involving something crazy or gruesome or downright weird!!
Tales of strange creatures, freaky animals and mind-boggling gadgets – There is always something to make you squirm!

Each story is told in the words of a young teen (a different one each time) , and is written in a way that  other young teens could really relate to.
There are situations in some stories that reminded me of things that happened in my own childhood, and certainly some of my own actual dreams or fears.

This book was cleverly written and imaginative. The chapters were short enough to keep me interested, but long enough to tell a whole story, which is good if you like to read a couple of stories at a time between doing other stuff!

Not Bog standard is a good book for those who like to be grossed out and entertained all at the same time!

What do you think?

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