Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery

Karen Tyrrell


Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery is the second instalment from Karen Tyrrell regarding her journey through mental illness and back again. If you are unfamiliar with Karen’s first book please pop over to our review of Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness.
It is in this book that the very important connection is made between recovery and support people. Karen reveals secrets her husband shared that changed everything she thought she knew about her recovery time.

As always Karen writes in her honest and gutsy way revealing her true thoughts and feeling. It is in this way that she reaches out to others. She doesn’t sugar coat or gloss over the highs and lows making this a genuine account.

Not only is Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery a continuation of Karen’s story – which enhances the first and adds a broader perspective. – It is also a guide/handbook filled with brilliant tips to help with everything from relaxation and sleep to coping with stress, depression and anxiety. There is something here for everyone whether you are struggling to cope with mental health issues yourself or – like Karen’s caring husband – are trying to find ways to help and cope as a carer and friend.

I recommend you check out Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness first but do grab the pair as together they are a tremendously valuable resource.

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  1. Thanks Ang for this brilliant Review of ME & HIM:A Guide to Recovery.
    I was a little nervous when I clicked on your Review, worrying you;d give away the secrets my husband revealed five years on after my incarceration in a psyche hospital.
    Thanks for letting the Reader discover these for themselves.
    I invite your Readers to leave a comment /or question to WIN a free Copy of ME & HIM:a Guide to Recovery … Karen 🙂

  2. Wonderful review, Angela! I agree, Karen is a wonderful writer and the journey which she has gone through only makes me more determined to kill my own demons (if that is ever possible). This is both an inspiring read, but a life affirming read. Well done, Karen.

  3. Art Antonious

    A brilliant review by Angela Hall! I totally agree with her honest, positive & supportive comments, Karen Tyrrell. Particularly the point she emphasized with the important connection between recovery and support network from family and others around us!

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