Dyson’s Drop-The Maximus Black Files (Book #2)

Paul Collins

Ford Street Publishing


ISBN: 978 1 921665 66 0

RRP: $19.95

Date of Publication: August 2012

Reviewed by Cassandra Griffin


“The youth was dying. Worse, he was dying without confessing his sins against Maximus Black.

‘Just tell me what I want to know,’ said Black to  the terrified, panting youth strapped to the table, ‘and all this will end. No more pain. I promise.’”


Double Agent Maximus Black is back with all his alter egos, and ready to overtake the galaxies. Just when he thinks all is within his grasp, it is discovered RIM’S best agent, Anneke Longshadow is still alive and gunning for the Moles undoing. It will be the battle of the galaxies with more at stake than either of them knows.

Science fiction at its absolute greatest. Collins weaves a story that will have readers gasping for breath. A world created that is believable, with imagery that leaps from the page and straight into the reader’s imagination.

Dyson’s Drop continues Anneke Longshadow’s quest to recover and revel the Mole within RIM. After a string of unfortunate tragedies, Rim turns its back on its best Agent. Not deterred, Longshadow stays on the trail of the Mole, now it’s personal.

Black revels in having an arch nemesis, however is enraged at how she keeps steps ahead of him. This duo will come face to face no matter the consequences. Maximus Black is a bad guy that readers will love to hate. A diabolical character that readers will crave.

Young and older fans of sci-fi will relish in Paul Collins fast paced, action filled world within the pages of Dyson’s drop all the way to the very last page, which will leave readers panting for more.

Book #1 Review – Mole Hunt.


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