Falling to Ash

Karen Mahoney

Random House Australia


ISBN: 9781742754932

RRP: $18.95

Publication Date: 3/9/2012

Reviewer: Cassandra Griffin


While expecting a typical “this generation” vampire story, Falling to ash is a refreshing surprise.  It places a twist on the undead genre, with wit, drama and bucket loads of intense mystery.

We follow Moth, as she narrates her own story of being introduced to her Boston vampire family by her powerful Maker Theo.  She has to give up her living family, but how can she?

To top it off people she knew when she was alive are turning up dead and it looks like Theo is behind the gruesome murders, detectives are hounding her and she can’t shake off the Hunters gorgeous son Jason Murdoch! Life was never this confusing while Moth was still breathing.

Falling to Ash is a story about making choices, facing consequences, abiding by authority and trying to fit in, which is never easy, dead or alive.

Readers will love the way Moth tells her story, the way Jason’s jawline or chocolate eyes distract her in the middle of a fight. Her passion and loathing for her Maker, and her issues with her Father and older sister.

Mahoney twists a suspenseful tale. Falling to Ash is a page turner, with characters easy to identify with.  Recommended to the older end of YA fiction, as there is coarse language and adult themes within the dialogue.  Overall a very enjoyable novel, one would hope there was a follow-up story in the works.

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