Divine Clementine

Hayley S. Kirk

Random House

divine-clementine978 1 86471 899 7


By Cassandra Griffin


‘I blow her a kiss. She catches it and puts it in her pocket for later like she always does.

And then it happens.

Why doesn’t she look? Why doesn’t the bus brake? Why is my body frozen?

Clementine Footner is 16 years old when she witnesses her Aunt Stella’s tragic death. Piece by piece her entire world falls apart. Stella was not only her Aunty but also her surrogate sister and her best friend. Clem idolised her Aunty, little did she know the dark secret that hung over Stella’s head. Clementine was about to find out.

In Divine Clementine we follow a sixteen year old girl through the most trying time of her young life. The loss and grief involved in the death of a close family member. After watching her aunty step in front of a bus, Clementine must come to terms with her emotions as they begin to spiral out of control.

Readers will take every step with Clem, through her heart break and memories, through her anger and tears. Divine Clementine show a side of depression not easily recognised. Teenage depression.

Kirk catches the mood of this story with a haunting beauty, which will choke up most readers. Suited to the older readers. Clementine leaps off the page and whispers her story into your ear.

What do you think?

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