Mortal Combat – Time’s running out.

Author; Martin Chatterton

Publisher; Random House Australia.

mortal-combat1ISBN; 978174225216

Market; Primary age children

Mortimer Devere for those who haven’t read the first book is over 10,000 years old but he is just a kid, he lives on a creepy Island and this time Mort and his crew travel in time landing in the middle of a war! Of all the places to land Mort could think of better ones and so the fun begins. Fighting Vikings and to his surprise nutty nudist’s! It is a funny book that boys will love and relate to. He discovers there is a big rip in the fabric of time that needs fixing. One chapter I found funny was Chapter 10, with H.G. Wells and Leonardo da Vinci and others are the team who had helped Mort to put his ‘retro’ machine together – he hadn’t seen them for quite a while. Oppenheimer accuses Mort of killing Hitler and changing the time line – he isn’t happy.

An action packed book that is easy to read and easy to follow the storyline. Mortimer’s the character is full of substance and believable, the dialogue is natural and not stilted. An excellent book.

Book 1 – Review.

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