The Discovery

Robert Irwin Dinosaur Hunter

Jack Wells

Random House Children’s Books Australia

9781864718454ISBN: 9781864718454

RRP: $9.95

Age: 5+

Key Words: Adventure,  Dinosaurs, History

Published: 1st March 2013

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

For his birthday Robert Irwin is taken on a dinosaur dig. He is so excited when he finds an actual fossil. What he hadn’t expected was to find a way to travel back in time. Robert finds himself in the cretaceous period, trying to avoid a dinosaur stampede and being eaten. He is so excited to be able to see things with his own eyes rather than imagining how they were, but Robert’s biggest problem is how to get home.

This is the first book of what could be a fun new series. The text is easy to read, the story fun. It’s written at a good pace for the age. It makes no bones (hehe) about Robert being excited about animals and dinosaurs rather than sport, his best mate has that covered though, he wants to be a dirt bike champion. The other bonus in this series is it is loaded with facts about dinosaurs, everything from techniques used in digs to things about different dinosaurs. This is perfect for readers who love dinosaurs and adventure.

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