Thea Stilton & the Mystery on the Orient Express

Thea Stilton bk 13

Thea Stilton



ISBN: 9780545341059

RRP: $12.99

Age: 7+

Key Words: Adventure, Reading Schemes, Mystery

Published: 1st Dec 2012

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

Thea Stilton cannot make her trip on the Orient Express, so she sends the Thea Sisters in her place. It isn’t just any journey, this time the train is being used to transport a precious wedding dress that is on it’s way back to Istanbul. Things are not so simple though as the dress has a history, it was stolen many years ago and now The Acrobat Thief has threatened to steal it on this trip. The Thea sisters are determined that this will not happen while they are around. Keeping their eyes open they follow clues and find out some surprising things along the way.

As always the Thea Sisters adventures are great fun. The added bonus as always are the snippets of factual information, that give these books an educational function, it’s okay don’t tell the kids. It’s nice to see such varied female characters as the sisters who are so good at being proactive. There is something in here for all types of girls and there really should be no reason why boys cannot get enjoyment out of these mysteries. The way it is written the glamour of the Orient Express comes through the whole story.

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