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Every now and again someone thinks of something fabulous, original, clever or fun. Tania McCartney’s Riley The Little Aviator series is all of these things. If you are unfamiliar with this wonderful little series of picture books where have you been?
Maybe, like Riley, you have been travelling around the world and Australia discovering the wonders and making friends.

The best way to learn – it is said – is when you are having fun. Tania McCartney has made discovering Canberra a very fun journey. Little readers will enjoy looking for the cheeky and rather hyper Kangaroo through all the Canberra landmarks with Riley and his special little friends. How can they possibly find this bouncy roo?

Beautifully illustrated by Kieron Pratt. Another great book in this highly recommended series. A buggy favourite!

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A huge warm welcome to Tania McCartney and her Little Aviator crew who are visiting us here at Bug in a Book today. [APPLAUSE] The kettle is on and the chocky biscuits are out. Enjoy!


Guest Post: Roo’s Top 5 Canberra Stops

It’s Canberra’s 100th birthday, and celebrations abound across the ACT region. What better year than 2013 to have my little Riley character go on a tour of our nation’s capital?

2013 calendar april border

In Riley and the Jumpy Kangaroo, Riley the Little Aviator and his friends search for a very frantic kangaroo. Along the way, the roo visits an impressive line-up of sites and sights that feature strongly in Canberra’s landscape.


As I’m currently living in Canberra and get to visit these sites and sights often, I thought I’d share with you the places Roo ended up loving the most (other than her suite at the Hyatt, of course—she is a rather luxury-loving roo) during her stay in town. Book production only took a week, but she squeezed in a lot of fun.


Fasten your seatbelt!


Lake Burley Griffin

Roo has an uncanny ability to cross water by spinning the end of her ail in a rotary-like manner. Panda and Lion, in particular, were quite stunned at this talent (both have virtually non-existent tails, which are no good for spinning).


Roo loved the Lake because there is absolutely not a single car in sight. I love the Lake because it’s a peaceful place to sun oneself, go walking, rollerblading, biking and generally ogling and soaking in the beautiful views.


The National Museum

This amazing museum was a favourite of Roo’s because she was all over the gift shop—there were stuffed toy kangaroos everywhere! The rest of the Riley crew also loved it; they had a ball using the entryway rampart for some skateboarding action.


I love the museum because of its focus on social history—the way it explores the land, the people and the nation that is Australia. Their focus is on Indigenous histories and cultures, histories of European settlement and our interaction with the environment.

roo portrait gallery

The National Portrait Gallery

This beautiful gallery fascinated Roo—both for the art but also for the enormous rooms and hallways that are perfection for car-free bounding.


I love the gallery for its incredible architecture and—of course—its breath-taking collection of art. The gallery’s aim is to increase the understanding and appreciation of Australian people—their identity, history, culture, creativity and diversity … all through portraiture.


Black Mountain Tower

For the best views in Canberra, you can’t beat Telstra Tower on top of Black Mountain. My family and I simply adore having a coffee in the Panorama café and taking in the region, from the Brindabella mountains in the south to Mount Ainslie in the north.


But while in Canberra, Roo wasn’t interested in the views. She instead made it a personal challenge to leap over the Tower. Some said it couldn’t be done. Did she do it? Hmm. Could you clear a 190 metre tower? Maybe if you were an extremely jumpy roo … You’ll just have read the book and see.


Manuka Cafés

I have to admit, Roo and I got on very well during her stay in Canberra. One of the reasons was because we both adore good coffee. There are lots of fabulous places for coffee in the capital but Manuka is a favourite. The suburb is one of Canberra’s oldest; it’s shops were first built in the early 1920s. Best café for coffee? All of them!


I just wish coffee would do to me what it does to Roo. You won’t believe where this strong cappuccino sends her. Again, you’ll have to see what happens when you read the book …


Book Launch


The Jumpy Roo book launch is being held at Floriade this year! Anyone living in or visiting Canberra on 15 September is invited along, but RSVPs are essential if you want a goodie bag and balloon! You can find out more here.


You can also visit the Riley the Little Aviator website (www.rileyaviator.com) to see updates, learn more about the places Riley visits, and see behind-the-scenes work. There’s also some Fun Activities for kids.


Learn more about Tania’s books at her website – www.taniamccartney.com.


Blog Tour Schedule


Bound along with Roo on a Very Jumpy Tour! Monday 29 July to Thursday 1 August at the following destinations: (You can check out all these visit stops now! – Bug)



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I am sure you will love Riley the Little Aviators latest adventure as much as we do so don’t be shy, go check it out! …..That Kangaroo just ate all our biscuits… Hide your biscuits when you find her.



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