Eric Vale-Epic Fail

Michael Gerard Bauer

Illustrator; Joe Bauer

Omnibus books for Scholastic



ISBN; 978186291992

Primary school age.

Reviewed By Cassandra Griffin.

The first thing that struck me about Eric Vale – Epic Fail is the great illustrations throughout; there is not one page that doesn’t have a detailed drawing on it! With names like Martin Fassbender it’s not hard to smile at this story and at Eric’s nickname ‘epic fail’. With disgusting antics like rolling belly button fluff into balls and flicking it at people it is a boy’s delight.

Eric is always getting into trouble whether it is with Ninja’s, crocodiles or girls and it is a great read that has gross facts through the story as well. My favourite story is ‘the new girl’ because it portrays in a naïve way how the new girl feels arriving at school and holding on to her book whilst eyeing the other class mates. Eric Vale is more designed to suit boys and they will love it! Very creative illustrator.

EV Series

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