Son of Slappy

RL Stine

Goosebumps Most Wanted Series bk 2


9780545417990ISBN: 9780545417990

RRP: $9.99

Age: 8+

Key Words: Horror

Published: 1st April 2013

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

Jackson Stander is the sort of boy who doesn’t get into trouble, it simply doesn’t interest him. He is the boy in the class who always does his work, never lies and even does volunteer work. His sister can’t stand him, she is always getting into trouble and doesn’t see why everyone loves Jackson. Things start to change after Jackson and his sister visit their grandfather, and Jackson comes back with a cursed ventriloquist dummy. At first he doesn’t understand what is going on but then the whole evil plan becomes clear to him. How is Jackson going to cope with Slappy causing so much havoc with both his friends and family.

Creepy, is always a very good word to describe these books. This story drags you along, you want Jackson to figure out a way to defeat Slappy. The tension is great, and the concept eerie. The thing is you can understand why someone might think it is only fair that something like this happens to such a goody two shoes. If you love the creepy or know someone who loves the scarier side of things then this is a good series.

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