A Transylvanian Tale

Deborah Abela

Ghost Club bk 3

Random House

9781742758534ISBN: 9781742758534

RRP: $15.95

Age: 8+

Key Words: Ghosts, Mystery, Family

Published: 1st March 2013

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

Edgar, Angeline and Dylan are off to Transylvania for the annual Ghost Club Convention, with other members of their branch. Of the three Angeline is definitely the most excited because she is going to get the chance to meet her hero, famous ghost-catcher Ripley Granger. Ripley is a superstar in the ghost-catching community and as far as they are concerned he can do no wrong.

Dylan however is not so sure. He thinks something strange is going on, that someone maybe hiding a big secret. Angeline doesn’t want to believe him though. There is a ghost who is determined to see the truth comes out. Will Angeline realise her friend may be right, or will she put the fiction ahead of fact and friendship?

This is a fun series that seems to be going from strength to strength. It is a fun action filled ride. Angeline is excitable and blinkered in this story and is shows a different side to her, which is nice because it gives her character depth. Edgar and Dylan are wonderful supports for her and in this book Dylan gets a stronger character arc more clearly showing his feelings for Angeline than in the previous two books. If you like to be swept into a world of ghost hunting and dark humour then this is worth a look. It’s not so dark though that is will scare any younger readers.

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