The Haunted School

Debora Abela

Ghost Club bk 2

Random House

9781742750835ISBN: 9781742750835

RRP: $15.95

Age: 8+

Key Words: Ghosts, School, Family

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

Angeline is really good at her job with the Ghost Club but the idea of having to go to her Senior school sleepover fills her with terror. She just isn’t good with other kids. To top it all off school bully Travis is showing more interest in Angeline’s actions than usual. Despite the fact they are some of the best ghost catchers around Angeline and her brother Edgar can’t get out of the sleepover, their whole family think it is a great idea for them to attend.

Things then take a strange turn that makes Angeline feel somewhat more comfortable. A ghost appears, their classmates are not happy and the principal is not at all happy. The ghost is a young girl and Angeline really wants to find out why she has appeared after so long. Their new friend Dylan they set about doing what they do best, uncovering the mystery around this most recent haunting.

This is a fun series, Angeline’s confidence in work is a nice juxtaposition to her fear when it comes to dealing with her classmates. Edgar’s a solid balance, with no concerns like his sister has, except perhaps what their father’s cooking might do to them. Dylan is the other side of Angeline taking fear and magnifying it when it comes to doing Ghost Club work, he is timid but very alert to details which helps in many ways. There is good tension in there books but they aren’t too scary, great for kids who like adventure and ghost stories.

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