Day of Doom

David Baldacci

Cahills vs Vespers bk 6



ISBN: 9780545298445

RRP: $17.99

Age: 9+

Key Words: Action, Crime, Family

Published: 4th April 2013

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

It is now the end. The Vespers have all they need to build Archimedes Doomsday Machine. The Cahill’s don’t have their hostages back and the world may be about to end. Amy, Dan, Jake and Atticus are determined not to give up, it is simply not in their nature. Vesper One has managed to get more hostages and disable air transport, the problem the Cahills and their friends face is that they aren’t the only ones on the way to Vesper One’s location, Isabel Kabra is travelling on the same train. When Cahills are in involved it isn’t over until it is over, and this group are determined to save the innocents or die trying.

A fitting conclusion to the series. Amy and Dan continue to find strength in each other, and in teasing each other. Amy has had some bad moments in the series and yet she still manages to step up and be the leader of the ragtag bunch of youth. Dan faces his own dilemmas – is his dad really alive and should he actually take the fames serum? Jake and Atticus have become more than solid additions but an integral part of the story, somehow they manage to fit into the Cahill family. Friendships are put to the test, relationships are started and heartbreak is no stranger in this story. They are put through the ringer and those that come out the other side prove that bravery is valuable and family is a strong bond.

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