Verity Sparks – Lost and Found

Susan Green

Walker Books

Verity Sparks bk 2

9781921977886ISBN: 9781921977886

RRP: $16.95

Age: 10+

Key Words: Historical, Mystery

Published: 1st May 2013

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

Verity Sparks is in Melbourne with the father she found and some very good friends, the problem is Verity has lost her gift. The tingle in her fingers has gone and she can no longer find things. This is fine with her father who is determined she will become a proper lady. Verity however isn’t all that interested in pursuing that goal. Despite her reluctance she ends up at Hightop House, an exclusive boarding school. Once there though she finds a couple of mysteries to occupy her mind. Then there is the case of the missing Ecclethorpe heiress. Finally there is a lead she can follow, with her new governess to accompany her Verity starts out on an investigation that becomes more dangerous the closer they get to finding an answer. Will Verity’s gift return to help her before it is too late.

A totally wonderful mystery story with an intriguing and fascinating character at it’s core. Verity is a great character, she is wilful and clever. She isn’t cowed by bullies and has a generous spirit. Verity is the sort of character who draws you into the story and the mysteries along the way add interest to her journey. It is an historic setting with some of the elements very much of that time, whist other aspects are timeless, (for example dealing with bullies in a school environment). There is something open and appealing about this story and I must say I want to read more about Verity’s adventures.



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