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WIN:  Copies of Bailey Beats the Blah, a signed Bailey artwork by illustrator Aaron Pocock and a picture book assessment with chief editor at Book Cover Café.

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When Bailey awakes with a bad case of the grumps it seems there is nothing he can do to feel better. Or is there?

Karen Tyrrell, as you may be aware, is a mental health advocate who has previously written for adults. This time she reaches out to children and challenges them to think about how they might beat the blah.

Mental health issues in children go unnoticed so often and written off as other childhood issues. Books like this are much needed in helping to make children and the adults who love them work towards a less “blah” future, and understanding just why they feel the way they do and what they can do about it. I say well done Karen for filling a much needed niche.

Bright, comical and child friendly illustrations by Aaron Pocock.

Bailey is aligned with Kids Matter, national education curriculum and supported by Kids Help Line.

Download FREE children’s activities and FREE teacher notes from

ISBN: 9780987274045

Bailey Beats the Blah is available from Amazon.

Karen Tyrrell BEST  457 KB

Other books by Karen Tyrrell: Me and Her, Me and Him.

Bailey Blog Tour & Book Giveaway

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  1. Hi Ang,
    I’m thrilled to bits with your review of Bailey Beats the Blah!
    Can’t wait to tell the world about Bug Ina Book’s Review.
    Thanks too for your REVIEWS of my recovery memoirs *Me and Her:A Memoir of Madness and *Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery

    I’ll be encouraging your Readers to leave a comment to WIN free copies, a signed picture from Aaron (#pic) and a picture book assessment (#pb) … Can’t wait to pick ALL the winners!.
    Hugs xx…
    Karen 🙂

  2. As a Child and Youth Worker and Mental Health Speaker, I am always excited to discover resources to help children develop increased resiliency, mental wellness and understanding. This sounds like a wonderful book! Looking forward to reading it someday and using it in classroom settings and one-on-one! #pb

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