Tamora Pierce


Circle Opens bk 4

shatterglassISBN: 9780590396967

RRP: $15.99

Age: 11+

Key Words: Mystery, Crime, Magic

Published: 1st March 2004

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

Tris is visiting the city of Tharios with her mentor Niklaren. This is another opportunity for learning and Tris loves knowledge. There are things happening in Tharios though and when Tris feels the pull of power by a glass mage Keth she is furious until she realises he is untrained and didn’t realise what he was doing. Keth isn’t her only concern though as it appears a killer is out to unbalance the peace and it seems that somehow Keth’s power may be the key to finding this criminal. First though they need to figure out his powers.

Tris is feisty, a perfect foil for the reluctant, older Keth. She is headstrong which means his impatience and age are less likely to sway her than if he had a more normal mentor. Tris brings a certain stubornness and determination to the senario. She is out of place in her surroundings and while she tries to adapt she refuses to lose her own identity. Keth’s character is well developed and he comes across so very real, you absolutely feel for his past and the place he finds himself in.

The double storyline, teaching and crime, is woven together wonderfully and it makes for a highly entertaining story. The city of Tharios is realised with great detail and texture. The moments of sadness and tension are offset by well placed humour. I adore Pierce’s works and read this twice through when I got it, but then if you have read many of my reviews you may already know I love Tamora Pierce’s works.

Highly recommended for readers age 10 up.

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