Watch Your Tail

Geronimo Stilton

Cavemice bk 2


9780545447751ISBN: 9780545447751

RRP: $12.99

Age: 6+

Key Words: History, Mystery

Published: 30th April 2013

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

The day isn’t going well, not when everyone in Old Mouse City has a terrible stomachache. The local shaman doesn’t seem to be able to help much and the Club Brothers are making a lot of money of this epidemic. Geronimo is chosen to find the cure because he is one of the few mice who isn’t suffering. Geronimo isn’t too enthusiastic about this as it requires going on a dangerous journey to a mysterious cave. Geronimo will do a lot for a pretty mouse though and the Shaman has a very pretty daughter, not that Geronimo would ever say anything because he is simply too shy.

A fun prehistoric adventure wrapped in a mystery. Geronimo would have preferred to go on this one alone, if he really has to go that is, but unfortunately his cousin Trap joins him, which means things get a little more interesting. This spin off series is fun, with perhaps less fact moments than the other ones but when dealing with dinosaurs and a lifestyle very different to our own, it is good to encourage children to imagine. The story, as always is entertaining and the bright coloured illustrations and contoured words make the series continually appealing for those only just beginning their booky journey.

Great for beginning readers.

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