Guess How Much I Love You – Here, There and Everywhere

Sam McBratney

Walker Books

9781406345162ISBN:  9781406323108

RRP: $24.95

Age: 3+

Key Words: Love, Family

Published: 1st Aug 2012

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

A wonderful picture book containing four stories from the creator of the classic Guess How Much I Love You. Little Nutbrown Hare is a little older now and loves to discover new places.

The Hiding Tree – he plays a game of hide and seek with Big Nutbrown Hare and overcomes a fear.

On Cloudy Mountain – teaches him the wisdom of listening to his elders.

The Far Field – he proves he can listen to the warnings of Big Nutbrown Hare.

Coming Home – a cute little story about Little Nutbrown Hare’s favourite place to be.

These are delightful little stories illustrated in the same way as the original, keeping the feeling of that book. It is a beautiful addition to the series.

Highly recommended.

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