Black Dog Books

Ananda Braxton-Smith

Secrets of Carrick bk 3

ghostheartISBN:  9781742032184

RRP: $1895

Age : 12+

Key Words: Fantasy, Family, Fear, Loss

Published: 1st May 2014

Reviewer: Kylie Calwell

Mally is different from the rest of her family. Her brothers and sisters are brave, fearless, they will do what ever they want, when ever they want. Nothing holds them back. Mally is just the opposite, she has so many fears, so many secrets. She can’t go near the water and in a place surrounded by water that is pretty limiting. Mally wishes things were different but they’re not. She has her pig though and her best friend Breesh. Breesh understands Mally, together they explore the Spindlestone caves, but even that isn’t what it used to be. Into the picture comes Dolyn Craig, a bully and a sneak, a horrible boy who can’t be trusted and now it looks as though there is something he wants from Mally.

Sometimes before you can move forward you need to acknowledge what has happened before.

Braxton-Smith has created a gritty world for her characters to inhabit. Carrick is salt-encrusted and full of secrets. It’s stories are passed from person to person, some lost or just rarely told. The isolation creates tension. Mally is a fragile character, her fears are combined with her strange ways of coping and often it isn’t quite what you think it is. As Mally deals with her fears some of the secrets of Carrick are also uncovered. Ghostheart is poignant  and eerie, a tale that ebbs and flows like the ocean Mally is so afraid of. If you like your stories stark, lyrical with a sadly, dark undertone then give this a try.

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