Choose Your Own Adventure – How to get to Rio

Julie Fison

Hardie Grant Egmont


ISBN: 9781742977744

RRP: $18.95

Age : 10+

Key Words: Friends, family, choose your own adventure

Published: 1st April, 2014

Reviewer: Debbie Berger

Kitty McLean faces the dilemma of choosing between her old best friends, Mia and Izzy, or her new, cool friend Persephone – all in the pursuit of Rio, the cute boy that catches her school bus each day, whom she has a crush on. Kitty has to decide whether she will spend her holiday camping without power with Mia and Izzy, or spend a week at a resort with Persephone and meeting up with Rio at the beach.

This is the first book in the Choose Your Own Ever After series by Julie Fison. It is a fun way to read a novel whereby the reader has control over Kitty’s destiny, and then has the option to read the book again and make a different decision for Kitty. It focuses on friendships and making choices as well as having an age appropriate dose of tween romance.

There are cringe worthy scenes that the reader will connect with and they will relate to the decisions that Kitty has to make along the way. All of the characters are likeable and the reader will be able identify with someone they know in their own social settings.

It is an easy read that will appeal to tweens due to the interactive format. Middle school girls will also love this book.


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