Trust Me

Trust Me Book CoverEdited by Paul Collins                                                Ford Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781876462574

RRP: $22.95

Age : 12+

Key Words: Short stories, Australian

Published: May 2008

Reviewer: Debbie Berger

This anthology, categorised by genre, provides a wide array of short stories by some of Australia’s best known authors. Whether you like horror, humour or poetry, there is something here for everyone. Romance, poetry, crime, adventure and fantasy also feature in this big collection. Most stories are no more than 10 pages long which means you can pick it up and read one, then put it down (and perhaps pick it back up for one more!) dependent on your mood.

Trust Me features 50 short stories by authors such as Deborah Abela, James Roy, David Metzenthen and Allan Baillie just to name a few. Andy Griffith tells a weirdly funny story about Sir Don Bradman; Sophie Masson writes a horror story about ghosts; and Doug McLeod has contributed a poem about a boy whose wish to become smarter comes true.

The book is introduced beautifully by author Isobelle Carmody, who gives readers some tips on what other authors to pursue if they happen to find a new favourite genre.

Perfect for those who like a short story; or those who are not sure what sort of style of book they like.

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