Sophie Masson

Scholastic Australia

1914ISBN: 9781743622476

RRP: $16,99

Age: 12+

Keywords: Historical, War, Family

Published: August, 2014

Reviewer: Donna Clark

June 1914: Louis and his family are enjoying their European summer in a small town near Sarajevo. Theirs is an affluent family where their father is an international diplomat and they enjoy socialising with different nationalities through this family connection. Louis in fact wants to be a photographer and his brother Thomas dreams of being a reporter. Upon witnessing the assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne, Louis captures the crime on film. Louis becomes well known for this piece of photography. In the meantime war breaks out. His brother Thomas volunteers to join the army however Louis is unable to due to his age and the shrapnel injury he received whilst photographing the assassination.

Louis receives an offer to become a war correspondent whilst Thomas is off fighting in the war. Louis comes face to face with the enemy who is a former childhood friend. This interaction is confronting and mirrors what must have happened numerous times during the war.

An in-depth and human depiction of the friendships that are affected by the atrocities of war. An exceptional read for Years 7 and up. This book also includes some historical notes to explain the chronological order of the events that took place.

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