Two Wolves

Tristan Bancks

Random House Australia

Two Wolves cover

ISBN: 9780857982032

RRP: $16.99

Age : 12+

Key Words: Families, mystery, values

Published: March, 2014

Reviewer: Donna Clark

Ben Silver and his sister don’t know what is going on when the police officers arrive at their home and then, just after they leave, their parents arrive home desperate for them all to pack a few things and leave immediately. They are bundled into their car and are told they are going on a holiday which turns out to be anything but.  Ben soon realises that his parents are in some kind of trouble.

Ben loves playing around with his old camera, making cop movies and pretending to be a detective. He is a little awkward and a lonely character struggling with adolescence. He starts putting together evidence to uncover just exactly what his parents have done.

This is an adventurous story which keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat, where the characters are pushed to extreme actions, with an unexpected hero. This book challenges your thinking.  Does money buy happiness? Would you lie to protect a family member? Where do your loyalties lay when you know the difference between right and wrong?

This great read would be suitable for middle/senior school students.

You can read more about Tristan Bancks on his website:

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