Dead Dog in the Still of the Night

Archimede Fusillo

Ford Street Publishing

Dead dog in the still of the night coverISBN: 9781925000344

RRP: $16.99

Age : 12+

Key Words: Friendships, Australian

Published: March, 2014

Reveiwer: Shona Sunebeck

Primo has got some problems. His father is in a home, his sister has moved out, one of his brothers is trying to make amends with his wife after cheating on her, and his other brother is twenty two years older than him and a distant and intimidating figure, all while his mother tries to hold it all together. To top it off, his girlfriend insists that they ‘take a break’ while she travels to Europe with her friends. Lucky for Primo he’s got his friend, Tone, who drives an old hearse and spends his life delivering pizzas.

Primo wants to fix things with his girlfriend but it appears unlikely when he nearly runs her over in his Dad’s precious Fiat 500. He hits a bollard instead and this starts off a chain reaction of events that involves a dead dog, ghosts from the past, a bashing and a crazy workmate.

The novel is fast-paced as Primo moves from one catastrophe to another and while the relationships between characters are a little under-developed, readers will certainly feel compelled to read what happens next and to find out if Primo can sort his life out. The novel will certainly make readers think about the choices they make and also how relationships with close family members can have a profound impact on how they feel about the world.

You will cringe, you will be a little horrified, but most of all, you will hope that Primo can get it together.

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