Trust me too

Trust Me TooEdited by Paul Collins

Ford Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781921665585

RRP$: $24.95

Age: 11+

Keywords: Australian, short stories

Published: June, 2014

Reviewer: Debbie Berger

Another fantastic anthology of Australian short stories. This is the 2nd in the series edited by Paul Collins. It covers a range of genres, slightly different from the 1st book, Trust Me, and is the same high quality of writing by many favourite and well known authors. This book also includes some graphics and poetry as well. There is certainly something for everyone’s taste in this 450+ page book. Readers are also treated to the added bonus of a 36 page novella by the popular Isobelle Carmody.

Contributing authors include: Deb Abela, Christing Bongers, Margaret Clark, Shaun Tan, Sandy Fussell, Gary Crew, Michael Pryor and Shaun Tan just to name a few.

The last few pages of the book are reserved for a brief paragraph about each of the authors, which gives the readers an opportunity to learn something about the author, as well as finding out the titles of some of their other works.

A perfect book for those who like a book they can easily dip into and be satisfied, no matter their reading mood at the time.

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