One rule for Jack

Sally Morgan and Ezekiel Kwaymullina

llustrator Craig Smith

Scholastic Australia

One rule for Jack cover

ISBN: 9781742990330

RRP: $9.99

Age : 6+

Key Words: family, humour, juvenile fiction

Published: August, 2014

Reviewer: Debbie Berger

Jack has found the perfect way to get out of helping around the house: making a mess of every chore he is asked to complete. His one rule is: if you parents ask you to do something, do it badly.  He manages to get out of showering, sweeping leaves off the patio, and mopping the floor. Jack thinks he has his parents and Grandma fooled but they have the last laugh when teach him a lesson by giving him a big, smelly job to do.

Sally Morgan and Eziekel Kwaymullina have written an easy to read, humorous story that will resonate with young readers who have tried to escape the chores set by their parents. Readers will laugh at the descriptive scenarios and the funny events that unfold. The illustrations complement the text and help the story flow for young readers.  

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