Keep it vegan

Aine Carlin

Simon & Schuster Australia

Keep it vegan coverISBN 9780857832528

Published: October 1st, 2014

RRP: $29.95

Reviewed by Debbie Berger

Aine Carlin has written an attractive cook book for those who may want to explore a vegan diet. She has three simple rules: Keep it simple, keep it tasty and keep it fun. Keep It Vegan follows these principles with over 100 appetizing dishes to try.

The guidelines of vegan diet are explained in Aine’s introduction about why she pursued a lifestyle change meat eater to vegan, overnight. Easy to understand notes that explain the basic nutrient needs for a vegan diet as well as a pantry supply list that will get you started are included at the beginning of the book.

The delicious recipes are easy to follow, use simple ingredients that you mostly are able to find in your cupboard, and include a wide variety of recipes ranging from breakfast to salads and delicious sounding treats. If you like the idea of a caramelised red onion tart, carrot cake bites, bircher muesli or a toasted breakfast burrito then this well presented cook book could be just the thing you need to delve into an animal product free diet.

You can read more about Anie Carlin on her popular vegan food blog at

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