Chris Van Etten

Scholastic Inc

Wickedpedia imageISBN: 9780545415873

RRP: $14.99

Date of publication: September, 2014

Key words: Young adult, Suspense, Horror

Reviewer: Debbie Berger

Best friends Cole and Gavin use Wikipedia to play a practical joke on Josh. Josh just happens to have stolen Cole’s girlfriend Winnie so he is the perfect target for this joke. The Wikipedia page that Josh uses for his assignment has lots of facts that have been ‘edited’, which Cole and Gavin have changed all in the hope that Josh fails his task. Winnie gets angry with the boys so they decide to make Wikipedia pages about their classmates that state the way some of them die. When the death predictions start coming true Cole and Gavin become scared. They must find out who is killing off their classmates before they become the next victims.

This is another new generation Point Horror book that uses modern technology to engage readers. References to Taylor Swift, One Direction and other pop sensations create a fresh feel to this story that will attract young readers. It has just the right dose of horror and suspense to keep you reading, and guessing. Although the book is relatively short at only 220 pages long, the characters are reasonably well developed and the story will keep you turning the pages til the end. You won’t work out  who the murderer actually is right up until the end and the twist on the last few pages will have you cheering.

With another 3 books, so far, in this latest round of Point Horror books, it is looking like it could be the beginning of a new generation of YA horror books.

What do you think?

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