Outlaw Pete

Bruce Springsteen

Frank Caruso

Simon & Schuster Australia


ISBN: 9781501 103858


RRP: 22.99

Publication Date: 4th November, 2014

Reviewer – Debbie Berger

Outlaw Pete is a picture book written by singer Bruce Springsteen. It is illustrated with great detail by Frank Caruso with drawings that support the story at each page turn.

This adult book tells the story of the legend of Outlaw Pete, a cowboy who is trying to outrun his past sins. The story is based on Springsteen’s song of the same name and will appeal to anyone who likes a good Western or bank robber tale. The lesson in the end seems to be you can’t escape who you are no matter where you run.

Although it is a picture book, it is perhaps not suitable to young readers as there are graphic illustrations throughout. It has themes of love, death and violence.

I listened to the song on Youtube as I read the book and they complemented each other beautifully. Fans of Bruce Springsteen will be keen to read the book as they listen to the song so they can visualise the story.

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