Budinge and the min min lights

Uncle Joe Kirk

Sandi Harrold

Scholastic Australia

min min8342566_Z-287x300

ISBN 9781743628577

RRP $15.99

Age 3+

Date of publication  January 2015

Reviewer Neville Sandon

Talking about indigenous Australian’s culture is long overdue. For those of us who learnt history as “facts” “dates”, “places” along with key “significant individuals”, left us with the society, culture and beliefs of Aboriginals as an enigma. There was little appreciation of how the original Australian’s culture and beliefs were communicated within families and community.

Found in Aboriginal myths across Eastern Australia,  the “min min” light is about an unexpected light source. “Min min” is a small settlement located between the outback towns of Boulia and Winton, where the light phenomenon was first written about by a stockman in 1918.

What were the lights that young Budinge was so frightened of? The “min min” lights was a story that adults in the Aboriginal culture told to keep their children safe. So what was Budinge’s grandmother wanting the young aboriginal boy to learn? The story simply unfolds with the desired result. Read a simple way of reinforcing children’s appropriate behaviour. What was the “min min” lights? Read and be delighted we’ve all seen it!

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