Magpie Learns a Lesson

Sally Morgan & Ezekiel Kwaymullina

Tania Erzinger

Omnibus Books

Magpie Learns a Lesson

ISBN 9781742990590

RRP $24.99

Age 4+

Date of publication  February 2015

Reviewer Mr Neville Sandon

There is nothing so destructive as jealousy. Jealousy is the cancer of the soul. And the face of jealousy is usually teasing and bullying. Slowly and sadly friendship erodes. It all happens so quietly – it happens within the heart.

Here the story of jealousy is found in a young friendship. Magpie, is one of the two characters, who fixes her bead on Brown Falcon. One step at a time, Magpie’s jealous behaviour descends until it totally consumes her. Magpie lost sight of what it was to be herself.  ‘Making trouble’ intrudes and then entraps between what could be – what should be – good friends.

“Laughing at…” rather than “laughing with…” is one of those familiar behaviours of jealousy.

Magpie likes her friend the Brown Falcon and his ability to soar to great heights, the way he drops from the sky like a stone and his ability to see for miles. Magpie is so jealous. Magpie couldn’t do these things. She couldn’t see past the jealousy. Magpie didn’t realise that Brown Falcon treasured listening to her sing every evening.

What happens when friendship comes to an end?

Magpie’s jealousy moved her to doing mean things to Brown Falcon to make him look silly and her cruel teasing eventually drove him away into a different bush-land. One day, Magpie got into some real trouble. Brown Falcon, her loyal friend, came to her help.

Friends really do need each other. Jealousy is a state of mind as much the heart. Change your mind! A gorgeous story, with two familiar Aussie characters – with so much to offer one another – that descends into jealousy, turns at awareness, rises through to forgiveness. Friendship’s journey, especially as children start out in the junior school playground.

What do you think?

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