The super amazing adventures of me, Pig

Emer Stamp



ISBN 9781407136387

RRP $12.99

Age 7+

Date of publication October 2014

Reviewer Neville Sandon

On the theme of friends. I have giggled my way through this silly story The Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig without reading the first book by Emer Stamp. Pig, who is the “author”, is such a naieve character. Mr and Mrs Sandal, who are vege-loving characters, are Pig’s new owners, and are out to make sure pig is looked after. I suspect Pig’s real name is “Lance” – short for “Flat-u- Lance” Cos’ there is sure a lot reference to it!

Onto the Sandal’s farm we are introduced to Kitty, the farm cat. Kitty is cunning. Looks and sounds good on the outside but is scurrilous on the inside. Mmmm! A dangerous character. Kitty really wants the Pig off the farm. Kitty will try in the most devious ways, so that she is left with Mr and Mrs Sandall all to herself and without shared affection. Tragically Pig doesn’t get it.

Into this horrible web of deceit, Duck emerges. Aha! Duck sees what’s going on. Duck is the true friend. Duck and Pig grow their clever plan. So if your junior schooler really wants something of a chuckling read this is will deliver. Into this triumvirate of the “not-so-quick” Pig, conniving and kat-astrophic Kitty and insightful and delightful Duck, is a story that will make for a giggle.

What do you think?

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