We All Looked Up

Tommy Wallach

Simon and Schuster Australia

we-all-looked-upISBN 9781481418775

Published: April 2015

RRP: $17.99

Reviewed by Sophie

We All Looked Up is a great book that teenagers will easily be able to relate to. The novel takes you on a journey with Eliza, Andy, Peter and Anita. These four very different teens have their own stories and lives, with not much to do with each other. However, in the face of Ardor, the meteor that is speeding towards Earth, these four teen’s lives begin to intertwine. All of a sudden, the world is going crazy and with only days left til the end, and they end up finding comfort in each other’s company. Along the way surprising relationships begin to develop between them.

This is a great novel which I loved. It shows in a brilliant way how things can go wrong so quickly, especially when there is a real threat that the world is going to end. I believe We All Looked Up is a novel that every teenager would love to read could relate to because its shows how people’s true colours shine through when there is a disaster looming.

What do you think?

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