Five Kingdoms Book 1: Sky Raiders

Brandon Mull

Simon and Schuster Australia

Five Kingdoms

ISBN: 9781471121883

Published: July 2014

RRP: $14.99

Reviewed by: Nicola

Cole Randolph and his friends were out trick or treating on Halloween. That is, in the realm of Earth. But when they get yanked into to the realm of the Five Kingdoms of the Outskirts, they are turned inside-out, upside down and thrown into a wagon. Cole and his friends are branded as slaves and are on their way.

Cole is separated from his friends when he is sold to the Sky Raiders. However, his friends are on their way to the High King, to be sold to the ruler of the Five Kingdoms. At Sky Raiders, Cole is equipped with a Jumping Sword and is taken on a tour by Mira.

Cole is soon shipped off to castles that are held in the sky by clouds. His job is to distract mysterious semblances so the higher rank can raid the skies. After several missions, he is sent out to raid with Mira, and after saving her life but sparing another, Mira is in great danger.

Now, Cole needs to help Mira who has information that could help him find his friends. Can he find his friends as well as help Mira all the while trying to stay alive?

Five Kingdoms; Sky Raiders is a book of fantasy, mystery and adventure. Brandon Mull is an experienced writer and this book only adds to his reputation. The relationships between characters add to the story’s tension. The characters are easy to sympathize with, easy to laugh at and easy to connect with. This book is the first in a series of five books and will leave you wanting Mull’s sequel to the story.

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