Dreamer’s Pool: Blackthorn and Grim Book 1

Juliet Marillier

Pan Macmillan Australia

DreamersPool_AUISBN: 9781743517024

Published: October, 2014

RRP: $29.99

Reviewed by Keeley

Dreamer’s Pool, a fantasy novel that feels like a medieval fairy-tale, set in Ancient Ireland, follows the tale of Blackthorn, an embittered healer, who in exchange for freedom from being wrongly imprisoned, must assist anyone who asks for her aid.

Oran, the crown prince of Dalriada, as he reluctantly waits for his future bride Lady Flidais, the daughter of the chief of a neighbouring kingdom. She is not as she seems but Oran must follow his parent’s orders to marry her. Oran hears about Blackthorn and enlists Blackthorn’s help out of his predicament. The tale becomes more interesting when Lady Fildais meets with bad luck on her way to Oran’s kingdom.

The novel is told in three POV (points of view); Blackthorn, Grim and Oran and has complex twisted characters that the reader will want to get to know more. It is full of mystery, beauty, wonder, magic and wisdom. Dreamer’s Pool is beautifully written and shows what the power of friendship and along with a character list to help with pronunciation you will find it hard to put down. The book is recommended for mature readers as there is some coarse language and a great book for people who enjoy historical fiction and magical stories.

Awards for Dreamer’s Pool: Blackthorn and Grim Book 1

Finalist in the Aurealis Awards for Best Fantasy Novel (2015)

Finalist in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for Best Novel (2015)

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