Midnight burial

Pauline Deeves

National Library of Australia

Midnight Burial

ISBN: 9780642278500

RRP: $14.99

Published April 2014

Reviewed by Eva

Midnight Burial takes place in Australia in the 1860s. The story centres on Florence Williamson, a 10 year mischievous girl who always seems to be up to no good. Florence becomes curious about the mysterious death and burial of her older sister, Lizzie. Florence was told Lizzie died from a fever – but she isn’t convinced this is the real story.

Midnight Burial is written from multiple perspectives and is communicated by letters between family and friends, along with diary entries written by Florence. You will fall in love with Florence and her cheeky but innocent personality and her hilarious diary entries.

The story keep you guessing and each new entry brings a new conclusion about the mystery behind Lizzie’s death. Midnight Burial is a quick read at only 72 pages long and it is enticing, fun and unique. It is suitable for middle school students who like a good mystery.

Although this is a work of fiction there are historical notes at the end of the story to set the scene and explain the era in which the story is set.

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