Embassy Row #1: All Fall Down

Ally Carter

Scholastic Australia

All Fall Down

ISBN: 9781743628942

RRP: $19.99

Publication Date: February 2015

Reviewed by Brianna

All Fall Down is the first book in the New Embassy Row Series by a bestselling New-York Times author, Ally Carter. It has a cleverly developed plot about Grace Blakely, a 16 year old girl whose mother was brutally murdered. Grace also happens to be the only granddaughter of perhaps the most powerful ambassador in the world in a fictional country called Adria. Grace goes on a conquest to find her mother’s murderer to prove that it wasn’t an accident. Throughout her quest for justice, Grace finds friends and learns about humanity as everyone she meets shows her genuine kindness. The story is told from Grace’s perspective, with lots of dialogue that means the reader gets to know the other characters as well.

All Fall Down is well-structured and well thought through and it will engage the reader right from the start. I love the fact that the tension is always high and that in the last scenes the use of exclamation marks is frequent, which just adds to the rising tension. You won’t see the plot twist as you speed towards the ending. The language is highly emotive and descriptive, especially when Grace follows Noah into a high security government facility. All Fall Down tells a story of trust, loyalty and justice. All Fall Down is a must read book, especially middle school girls who like intrigue and adventure. This is the first in a new series, I’m sure the next instalment will be just as good.

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