Footy dreaming

Michael Hyde

Ford Street Publishing Pty Ltd

Footy_Dreaming_FRONT-9_copyISBN: 9781925000993

Publication date:  May 2015

RRP:  $17.95

Reviewed by Debbie Berger

Footy Dreaming tells the tale of two talented boys, Ben and Noah, and their dreams of playing AFL at the MGC. It is set in a Victorian town where the boys play in rival teams and where football is the way of life for everyone. When Noah is racially vilified in a match against Ben’s team, things change for both of the boys.  Ben realises that there is more to someone than their skin colour and Noah is challenged to question life-long loyalties and alliances.

When a football scout comes to town both boys must prove they are good enough for the big league, all the while dealing with the ups and downs of family life; a family death; and everyone judging the decisions they make.

This book will interest young readers who love a good Australian sports story. As the book’s main characters are teenage boys, middle school boys in particular will easily identify with the characters. It is a quick read that will be sure to engage reluctant readers. Themes of family, racism and sport make it suitable for schools.

Teacher notes are available:

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