The mammoth book of Everest

Edited by Jon E Lewis

Allen and Unwin

Mammoth book of everest

ISBN: 9781472120182

Published: June, 2015

RRP: $19.99

Reviewed by Debbie Berger

The Mammoth Book of Everest is everything you ever wanted to know about the many first attempts to climb Mt Everest, also known the roof of the world. There is tragedy, triumph and many exhilarating tales from the world’s most famous mountain spanning from the early attempts to conquer her in 1913 up until the tragedy in April 2014 when an avalanche tragically killed 16 Nepalese guides.

This book not only tells of these great adventures but the foreword and introduction give a good summary to the history of Everest. The reader will gain a greater understanding of the physical challenges during, and after, these attempts to conquer this great mountain.

Surprisingly, in these days of easy access to adventure holidays and emphasis on physical fitness, this book shows that it is not just a select few who have an opportunity to attempt the world’s greatest climb. A non-adventurer such as myself would ask why someone would attempt such a mammoth task, but in the words of George Mallory “Because, it is there.”

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