How we’ll live on Mars

Stephen Petranek

Simon & Schuster Australia


ISBN: 9781471138881

RRP: $16.99

Publication date: July, 2015

Reviewed by: Debbie Berger

How We’ll Live On Mars is a concise little book that covers many aspects of the race to inhabit the Red Planet within 20 years. How would we get water? How would we get there? What would we eat? Who will get there first? These, and many other, questions are covered – all in an easy to read language that non-science minded people will find engaging and easy to follow.

Along with some excellent photography, this TED book is everything you ever wanted to know about life on Mars – and how it isn’t just a science fiction story but a real possibility. After reading this little gem, who knows – it seems likely it could happen in our lifetime!

As the blurb states: “TED books are short enough to read in a single setting but long enough to delve into a topic”. This book certainly gave me a good snapshot of the scientific race to discover more about Mars and the potential to live there.

The companion TED Talk by Stephen Petranek can be found at:

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