The Kaboom Kid: Playing Up

David Warner

Simon & Schuster Australia


ISBN: 9781925030815

Publication Date: December, 2014

RRP: $14.99

Reviewed by William

The Kaboom Kid: Playing Up is the second book in David Warner’s series for young readers who love cricket. The story focuses on little Davey Warner and his friend Sunil and their cricket adventures.

In this second story, little Davey Warner loses ‘Kaboom’, his lucky cricket bat. He follows his brother’s advice and uses something else to bat with, but it is just not the same.  Will he find his lucky bat before the big match against Shimmer Bay Skiffs? Will he be good enough to play without the bat if he can’t find it?

This series is good, simple, Aussie fun that is a pleasure to read. The books’ characters can teach us about resilience and sportsmanship and are all about having a good time whilst playing sport.

David Warner, the Australian cricketer, is proving he is a popular author as well as a successful sportsman. Cricket loving children will want to read more in this series. The Kaboom Kid: Playing Up is a fun read for young readers who love cricket. Recommended for children from ages 7 to 12.

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