Gardening on a shoe string: 100 ways to create a garden on a budget.

Alex Mitchell

Simon & Schuster

gardening 51smmAMoERL._SX434_BO1,204,203,200_

ISBN 9780857832658

RRP $35.00

Age 10+

Date of publication July 2015

Reviewer Neville Sandon

Gardening!  Really! Time impoverished and space starved then this is a book for you.  OR…

Are you a person who has no plants around home. Because they won’t live for you. Some plants even don’t wait to die they just commit suicide. Then this book is for you.  OR…

Are you one who adheres to the “Hard work doesn’t harm anyone, but I don’t want to take any chances.” If you do want to get your hands dirty every now and then, if you are ready to grow some patience, you really can put a garden together with your child(ren). Then this book is for you.  OR…

As soon as you want to get started in some form of gardening the temptation is to rush out and buy gardening things – spades, shovels, pots, soil, sprinklers water hoses, black tubes with spray points, – only to discover that most of it wasn’t really necessary. Then this book is for you.

Want a family garden? Want to have the children produce a garden from scratch? Alex Mitchell’s advice will be relevant to first-time gardeners of any age, especially those who are renting a home.

The book is so useful. For example, how about getting to know your garden as the first step: see what plants you have already, what your soil type is and how much sun, shade and wind you get, and bear these lessons in mind when choosing your first plants.

The book is packed with little breakouts, snippets and suggestions For example…

  • 4 ways to make an instant impact on your garden
  • 10 football-friendly plants
  • 3 climbers that will cover a trellis or fence fast
  • 10 modern garden must-haves
  • Inexpensive ground covers
  • Collect the inner rolls of toilet paper and you will have instant pots for your seeds and then plant them in the ground the roots will be long root run
  • Savvy tips: Example, Plant dual-purpose vegetables such as beetroot (for roots and salad shoots) and peas (for peas and pea shoots) for maximum cropping.
  • Keep your garden healthy for almost nothing. Can I take some more space here to give you an example?
    • What’s one of the most effective homemade plant food? Comfrey! Yes, Comfrey contains 2 to 3 times the potassium levels  of manure – this makes it really useful for flowering and fruiting plants. Tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, aubergines, sweet corn, pumpkins love it. Comfrey easy, to grow easy to harvest and doesn’t need much space. Harvest the plant 5 times a year and the plant simply recovers to give you more. You have to read this useful information. Looks good on your CV!

Love the book. It’s like a back pack of goodies to take outside with the children. This was such fun I didn’t want to finish this! The book is such a good one for anyone struggling to think of what to do with the kids on the weekend. Not a big cost or time investment but great learning opportunities. A good read and it’s in the junior library.

Here’s the out: Never plant a garden that dad or mum can take care of.


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