Good enough for a sheep station

David Cox

David Cox

Allen & Unwin

sheep 9781743319031

ISBN 9781743319031

RRP $24.99

Ages 6+

Reviewer Neville Sandon

I have to say that we would all love to meet David Cox. He writes an intriguing story and then illustrates with watercolour and ink sketches. Just love his dogs that keep appearing throughout the pictures – in and out all the time. Just like a farm dog does.  My 98 year old country born and raised Mum read this book and kept saying “It’s true….it’s true. It was just like that! That’s what I used to do!” So is this written for primary children? Maybe that’s the focus but we all get something out of this one.

David not only writes, draws (he studied in England and worked in France and Spain then back to Australia) he also sings and writes music theatre pieces and acts as cantor at his church. Wouldn’t he make a great guest for your family dinner?

This story is set in the1940’s when David lived out in the bush .Where school and doing homework was so different, learning bush craft skills from his dad whilst doing his chores and what’s more he learned to drive a truck on the farm at an early age. The things children and parents do together.

This is not a book about a nostalgic dip into a sepia toner family snaps but a book about relationships. Relationships with parents, with the land, and with a way of life.  The classic understatements peppered through out is part of our magical Aussie behaviours.

Cold hearted materialism hasn’t killed off the valuable.


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