I don’t like snakes

Nicola Davies

Luciano Lozano

Walker Books

snakes 9781406342833

ISBN 9781406342833

RRP $24.95

Age 5+

Date of publication July 2015

Reviewer Neville Sandon

Do you think snakes suffer a bad reputation – particularly after the Fall in Genesis? Are all snakes the same? Would you invite a snake to a tea party?  A good snake! Blinky Bill is one thing but “Slinky Sam does his thing” is quite another. Not even the movies use snakes for the good. Think of Harry Potter or Indiana Jones in the vipers den Yuck! The choices we have for a pet – a dog or a snake.

But do we understand them to inform our shuddering opinions?

  • What are the different ways snakes gets around? Can some snakes fly? Yes! It seems to be a bit cruel to have no arms or legs but they do get around.
  • They outgrow their skins. Like pulling your foot out of a sock, so a snake….
  • Dior couldn’t have come up with some of the color combinations that snakes have. So beautiful. Like mosaics. So useful in their environment
  • And what’s with the forked tongue? Is that really necessary to keep poking your tongue out?
  • How come snakes keep staring at you? Couldn’t they just blink once in a while? No. Why?
  • How do snakes get dinner? It’s those horrible fangs. How do they work? Could a snake really tackle a kangaroo for lunch? How?
  • Chickens lay eggs – right?! Snakes do too? Mmmm! Where and how?

Well, you may not like them but to understand and appreciate them is important in SE Queensland, where we have a collection of the most deadly around. (Almost 3,000 different kinds of snakes around the word. No snakes in the Arctic, Antarctica, New Zealand and Ireland).

So if snakes don’t have ears how do they know what’s going on around them? Imagine having a body that is just a tube. A good read for preparing yourself for spring and summer.

Since living on our farm, we have seen red belly black snakes, brown snakes, green tree snakes and snake eggs. So much we take for granted and these guys are not our poster pets. This book gets us around our prejudices in order to get us to understand them.

In the Junior Library now.


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