The last thirteen #4

James Phelan

Scholastic Australia

The Last 13 Book 4ISBN: 9781742831930

RRP: $14.99

Reviewed by: William

The book, The Last Thirteen: 4, is actually the 10th book in the popular series, with the tale beginning with The Last Thirteen: 13 and counting backwards.  This series is written by Australian author James Phelan and has been popular for younger readers.

In each book in the series, the main character, Sam, goes searching for a certain dreamer. In The Last Thirteen: 4, Sam goes to Cambodia in search of Poh, the tenth dreamer. Sam and Poh adventure into an underground temple in search of next gear for the machine, the Dream Gate.  After a great deal of fast-paced events, how will this instalment end?  Will Sam and his friends be one step closer to the final quest?

The story of The Last Thirteen: 4 and the entire series have a great deal to offer readers.  The characters explore parts of the world and the teenage characters and their story are captivating.

This book is an interesting read for younger readers who like action and adventure with a thriller edge.  The fast paced style makes it a quick read that is hard to put down. Recommend for readers from 9 years of age who enjoy all that an action-packed series has to offer. Boys would be particularly interested in this story.

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