Leah Thomas


Beause you'll never meet me

ISBN: 9781408862629

RRP: $15.99

Published: July, 2015

Reviewed by Nicola Cain

Oliver is allergic to electricity. He is housebound and considered a hermit, and in a strange twist of fate he finds himself befriending Moritz, a German boy. Moritz has an electric pacemaker and was born without eyes and is also a social misfit. They soon become best friends, writing letters to each other as their only way of communicating. And as the title suggests, they can never meet, because one of them may certainly die. Both outsiders from society, they create a strong bond that develops into a lifelong friendship. An impossible friendship and impossible problems,  Leah Thomas  has created a compelling story that is written beautifully written.

With a sequel on the way, this debut novel is written entirely in letters exchanged between the two characters. ‘Because You’ll Never Meet Me’ is a story of great friendship, almost fantasy-like events and with many secrets that lead to a twist worth reading for. This is an original and quirky story that is recommended for middle school readers, both boys and girls.

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