Piranhas don’t eat bananas

Aaron Blabey

Aaron Blabey

Scholastic Australia


ISBN  9781743625781

RRP $16.99

Age 3+

Date of publication September 2015

Reviewer Neville Sandon

The title says it all. The story is about a Piranha called Brian who loves fruit, whereas his Piranha friends are meat-eaters. Throughout the book Brian tries to persuade them to eat fruit. He is a vegetarian! But do you think he can convince his family to join him?

A story of frustration for both herbivores and carnivores told in rhyme, which will appeal to a broad cross-section of parents of both persuasions. The rhyming couplets on a white background make it easy to read to children.

Just when you think you have managed to get your child off saying toilet words, Blabey produces a yarn that is silly to read and banal. There are also two pages on either side of the story that has a bit more information about piranhas and bananas. Blabey can’t help himself with further silliness.

The clean and crispness of the white background, with the blue and green hues of the font and the piranhas as well, are really well laid out. The illustrations are enjoyable. They are again, much like the cover art, simple and funny. There is minimal colour and minimal selection of words. The pages do not contain too many words so can keep little ones interested enough to sit through the entire book.

This book is definitely cheeky!



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